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  1. When laptops were wild 😁
  2. Weird but interesting move. Now both Vercel and Netlify own a React framework.
  3. When the very second sentence in your docs contains ableism 😬
  4. DHH must be delighted 🙃 I wonder whether it’s still justified to call the States United. I mean it feels like there is more Kleinstaaterei going on than in the EU. @AP/1620568920854855681
  5. #E3 is such a weird event. #Nintendo is doing its Direct thing. #Sony ditched it in 2019. Now #Microsoft is also out.
  6. Ok wow… “Star Wars: The High Republic: Path of Deceit” is quite the trip. I’m impressed by all the stories the Luminous authors come up with. Also the depiction of a cult is eerily contemporary 😬 #StarWars #TheHighRepublic
  7. Annie Wersching’s portrayal of the Borg queen in Star Trek: Picard season 2 was phenomenal. It’s really sad that she passed away so soon 😕 #StarTrek #StarTrekPicard
  8. Interesting interview about #IBM mainframes and #COBOL. Both seemingly legacy technology but critically important.
  9. Some German right-wingers/TERFs misused the Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Nazism (27 January) to hate against #queer people. Because according to their world view, queerness was invented 2 years ago on TikTok or whatever 🤷🏻 Maybe they should set aside the 15 (1/2)
  10. The chief Nazi of Germany’s right-wing party #CDU has been elected as president of the Nazi club in said party 🙃
  11. I wrote about why #StarTrekDiscovery S3 E8 “The Sanctuary” is probably *the* most important piece of media for me personally. #StarTrek #queer
  12. This is a really fun way to explore the world and way better than endless doomscrolling on Mastodon/Twitter/TikTok 😁
  13. This is a nice new Google #Chrome feature: Locked incognito tabs when switching away from the app. Definitely more elegant than fumbling through the notifications and tapping the “Close all incognito tabs” one.
  14. Wow, this thread of pictures is a perfect case study for bias in #AI. #Midjourney was asked to imagine software developers and nearly all “artworks” turned out as white men 🙃 @mrdoob/1618108375518310404
  15. A very important look inside #Valve. The infamous “no hierarchy whatsoever” structure has some serious issues.
  16. This Wednesday in a galaxy far, far away: #TheBadBatch × #TombRaider × #HorizonZeroDawn And it is again so much fun 😊
  17. Now I know how it feels like when a person you’re supposed to meet doesn’t show up and doesn’t answer any texts and calls. Fucking scary 😬 Thankfully they live nearby and I could visit them and make sure everything is alright. Side note: I hid all the app labels on my (1/2)
  18. I like #TypeScript, it provides really nice DX. But this is so true: “If fifty things went wrong with your house last year, one of them was a woodpecker pecked a hole in your siding, so you spend three years building a woodpecker-proof wall around your (1/2)
  19. How long has it been since the last “insert popular #CSS framework here” drama? 😅 @csswizardry/1616917507805151232
  20. Major “cannabis is no broccoli” vibes from the German federal minister of education and research. What is it with these incompetent ministers that just get shuffled around seemingly randomly? @starkwatzinger/1617806620431626240
  21. What went wrong that someone somewhere thought writing this #HTML was a good idea? @csswizardry/1617931271229042689
  22. I’m no “senior” developer by any means. But I’m “advanced” enough that I see how less experienced devs tend to over-engineer or make something unnecessarily complex. I’m at a point where I truly appreciate code simplicity. Especially for #HTML and #CSS I always ask myself (1/2)
  23. “‘Should a self-driving car kill the baby or the Grandma?’ is a very real article from the revered MIT Technology Review. One that ignores how the very creation of such a choice is itself a moral failure.” #racism #ethics #accessibility
  24. At this point, #OpenAI is basically a pseudo subsidiary of #Microsoft. I wonder why they don’t buy the company outright. Maybe MS is afraid of legal issues like the ones surrounding the #ActivisionBlizzard deal?
  25. This pretty much sums up my #podcast, #RSS, and #YouTube behavior. But I’m not that good at cleaning up. I’m usually hovering around 280 unlistened podcast episodes and 150 unread RSS entries 😬
  26. The “problem” with movie dialog mixed for theaters when watching on home devices like a TV, laptop, or phone:
  27. Compared to other home entertainment devices, the #Xbox is probably one of the best-designed ones.
  28. This is really cool. IKEA Canada made a “real” #trans pride flag colored Blåhaj :BlobhajTransPrideHeart: #queer
  29. How to missgender someone two times in one sentence 🙃 English translation: “Dear Ms./Mr. Fynn Becker”
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  30. The world is burning, but at least we got #StarWars #TheBadBatch. 10/10 show for an ice cream coping evening 😅 Also Tech ma boiiiii!
  31. #Unicode and #Emoji are fascinating and so is the thought and care that goes into advancing the standard.
  32. This is really cool and fascinating. #Terragen
  33. Today I learned: Janelle Monáe of #GlassOnion fame is non-binary. Big thumbs up for #queer actors showing the world that we in fact do exist 🤗áe#Personal_life
  34. “I webpacked across The Great Divide.” #JavaScript #JS #web
  35. Semi-regular reminder that we shouldn’t use a proprietary geocode system developed by a for-profit company. #what3words #capitalism
  36. Only 15 years late, I finally played through #BioShock. This was quite the experience that is also strangely topical considering what Elon Musk is planning with the creepy research at Neuralink. Now on to BioShock 2 and Infinite.
  37. Let’s hope season 4 of #Snowpiercer is still happening on Netflix. Would be nice to have some sort of conclusion/finale.
  38. Browser user agent strings are “fun” (and mostly useless nowadays) 🙃
  39. Short interview with the creator of the first live action clone trooper armor. Back in the days of the prequels all the clones were digital models. It’s so great to see how excited she is 😊 #StarWars #ObiWanKenobi